Life Is Short…

While watching the news one morning, I watched as a mother who lost her children told her story. She had let her two young daughters go spend time with her sister, their aunt. Later the next day she got a call from one of her daughters, she sounded scared and worried over the phone saying that her aunt doesn’t sound right, that she’s not herself. The now worried mother asked to speak to her sister, the aunt kept saying “oh they’re just playing, it’s fine, it’s fine. All is fine.” All this while that they were on the phone the aunt was driving with the two little girls in the backseat. Not too worried about it the mother hung up the phone. Only to hear later that day that there was an accident involving the car that they were all in. Both of her kids were killed in the accident, along with the drivers own daughter, her sister and two other men in another vehicle. The paramedics had diagnosed that there were traces of alcohol and marijuana in her sisters system at the time of the crash. Knowing her sister she didn’t understand and couldn’t believe that her sister would have done those things. She didn’t know her sister as a drinker or smoker. It all comes to show that life truly is too short and anything can happen no matter what. It took this mother so long to move on from the loss of her only children. It was a long time until her husband offered that they have another child. That little girl took away all the pain of the loss of her past children and turned it into love. Her lost daughters will always be in her heart, but life goes on. There’s no way to get them back, and she realizes this. All she can do is morn and think about the love of her kids.


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